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How to Build a Strong Case for Community Project Funding

All the fundings which are needed by a business require a strong case to ensure that the funding goes in the perfect manner as the managers want it. But before that, it should be ensured that the businesses take an initiative and be prepared with their project completely before they start taking funds for the same. It should be noted that the business case is just a document which contains all the important details regarding a particular business action or project. All the details regarding the project, like whether it’s an opportunity or a problem, its effects and solutions, must be displayed in the business case.

Therefore, these things play an important role in ensuring whether people will invest in the business initiatives or not. There are a number of things which business managers need to think about to build a strong business case. It should be noted that there are different elements which will play a vital role in different initiatives. So, it is necessary for businesses to know which elements are important for their case. Here we will be having a look at a guide which will help the managers to build up a strong case for Community Project Funding.

Tips for building a Strong Business Case

There are some steps which are commonly followed by businesses to make a good business case for their initiative. These steps are common for all businesses, but the key elements change from initiative to initiate the plan. Here are some tips which businesses should follow to build up a strong business case.


The first and most important thing which businesses should perform is research. This should be done before the business case begins, and this helps the business managers to create a complete plan regarding how their business case should look. Here the businesses need to check all the important aspects, which are their competitors, their proposition, what they should do to compete in the market and much more.

Easy to Understand

The business case established by the business managers should be simple to understand. This means that the information portrayed through the business case must be understandable by the community. It can be presented as pie charts, graphs and much more to make it even more compelling. All the details regarding the project must be available in the business case. It should be noted that the first impression must be great so that the community takes part in the initiative.

To the Point

A good Business case is always on the point and does not have any other details which are not a part of the business case. Therefore, the business managers must keep track of what should be included in the case and note them down before the case establishment begins. This will help them to know more about the things that must be there in the case and the things that need not be presented there.

Financial Plan

The most important element included in every business case is the financial plan. The community’s people may not be willing to invest their money in the initiative, no matter how good the case is, until or unless they know how their money will be utilised. Therefore, business managers must have a complete financial plan and inform the ones willing to invest how their money will be utilised for the plan. This information must be portrayed clearly so that the investors can understand the same.

Preparing the Questions and their answers

Once the business case has been put forward to the community, there are several questions which will be asked of the business for the same. Therefore, it is necessary for business owners or managers to be prepared with all the tough and easy questions they would ask regarding the business plan once the plan has been completed and presented in front of the community.

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