Notes from the Creative Edge - September 2018

Friends of ValleyArts,
As we move ValleyArts into its next decade, the world will bring change – like it or not – and these changes could be positive or negative. While we always strive to focus on the positive change, we do not shy away from combating negativity, especially if it effects positivity in the future. We try to steer clear of change that has nothing but negative outcomes, though in the current political climate this has proved to be a challenge in itself.

Change is easy for some and not so for others. This is often evident when changing cultures, behaviours, and thinking. ValleyArts often finds itself being a vanguard of change, both on small and larger scales.
Looking inward, we wanted to change the culture of how we achieve our mission. In the last year we changed our mission statement to ‘Community Through Creativity’, changed into an organization that partners with numerous municipalities, organizations, and individuals, and implemented youth programming such as ‘Cirque Oranj’ a circus summer camp. All positive change.

One of our biggest changes was turning some of our office space into a cafe and artist boutique. What a difference this bold decision made!

The artfullbean cafe and boutique has become a community meeting and gathering space for creative thinking. Not a day goes by without someone stopping by with a great idea, a creative proposal, a potential collaboration – the list goes on. A perfect example of creating a positive change.

However, not every partnership or collaboration has been positive in its outcome. What does ValleyArts do when this happens? We learn from the experience, looking at how to take positive facets and moments from something that did not work out as expected. 

Through these collaborations we have met some wonderful, creative people doing interesting things who we cannot wait to work with again. These experiences also led us to the doors of two outstanding individuals: Avril Bogle and Gregory Burrus. Avril teaches art at Forest Street school in the Orange School District and lives in the Valley Arts District. When we invited her to be our coordinator of PACarts, the youth programming arm of ValleyArts, she accepted without hesitation. Gregory Burrus is ‘Mr. Music’ – he programs music events all over Essex County. We invited him to come aboard as our music programmer. His debut at ValleyArts is the music program at our upcoming ‘Celebrate Creativity’ fundraiser. (More information and ticket link on our website.)

Affecting this change has brought us rewards and challenges, but in order to survive in the world of nonprofits, it was something that had to happen. Change is inevitable.

Moving forward, we will continue to seek new challenges and positive outcomes in all of ValleyArts programs, events, collaborations, and partnerships. By being agents of change, we will continually strive for outcomes that improve all facets of a creative life.

Please join us, as agents of change, at our first annual fundraiser, ’Celebrate Creativity’, on Friday 14th September 2018. This event will be a celebration of creativity that includes great food, music, art and fun.
Creatively Yours,
Jeremy Moss