COACTION Collaborative Art Exhibit


This October marked our first ever collaborative art exhibit and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

We collaborated with Arts Unbound to produce a show of artist collaborations. It is truly inspiring to see the ways artists worked together to create projects together, all working in different and unique ways.

Show description:
What happens when artists make a conscious effort to collaborate actively and in a relatively short space of time? 

Coaction showcases what happens when artists conceive and execute collaborative projects with other artists, in their immediate circle or beyond. When artists work together to produce a work of art, the resulting piece is greater than a single creator and transcends the individual vision.

It is interesting and inspiring not only to work together with another organization on a show, stretching beyond our own boundaries to connect with new artists, but to also see artists work together, come up with new ideas, and create amazing and creative works of art that might not otherwise come into the world. Some of the artists knew each other well, some had just met recently. They were all excited to be working together, and we were excited to see the results.

The show is displayed in both our Community Gallery and Arts Unbound’s Dora Stern Gallery, and is on display through Nov. 4.

The idea of collaborating goes beyond just making art together. Through collaborations, we can all life each other up, and be inspired by each other.

It’s no surprise that we are looking forward to doing this again next year.